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23 positive reviews

Reviews from company website

– Stanford Admit

Wharton, Tuck and Columbia Admit:
“Dr. Shel helped me go from rejected without interviews when I applied by myself to accepted with scholarship to my school of first choice, Wharton! I was referred to Dr. Shel by a friend who had also had great success with her and her company. I am so glad I worked with her! She helped me develop great applications, but equally importantly she helped me regain my confidence. I cannot recommend her more highly if you are seeking success at your top choice MBA programs. Thank you Dr. Shel!!”

Last year I received no interview invites from either Wharton or Harvard, and I worked with one of the most expensive MBA admissions consultant companies out there – a direct competitor of MBA This year, I worked with MBA and Dr. Shel and I have admissions at both Wharton and Harvard. And she prices so much less than competitors! I have already recommended MBA to others. I will always be indebted to Dr. Shel! – Stanford and Wharton Admit

“Last year, with so many business school rejections without even an interview, I thought it was all over. I wish I had known about you earlier! I knew as soon as we had our intro call that I was in great hands. Thank you for your dedication and your excellence! Thank you for helping me stand out in the intense Indian pool! I will be attending my dream school because of you!”
Wharton, Tuck and Columbia Admit

Before I met Dr. Watts, I applied to five different top-10 business schools including Harvard and I did not get accepted at a single one. I was desperate and frustrated and thought my whole career was messed up. As a European student, I did not recognize the importance of the right strategy and the right keywords. Most importantly, I did not know how to make the best out of my stories. In short, Dr. Watts helped me to improve my essays enormously. The interesting part was that we were still writing about the same life stories, but were explaining it with different words. Even more importantly, Dr. Watts helped me to find the right words in my interviews and to see how easy it can be to make an interview a great experience. With the help of Dr. Watts, when reapplying I got admitted to ALL top business schools—Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, MIT, Kellogg and Columbia!!! I know what a difference Dr. Watts made. Thank you so much for all your help and support Dr. Watts!!
– MBA client admitted to Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Columbia, MIT, Kellogg

I cannot believe I got into Harvard with a 2.8 GPA!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU Dr. Watts! My dream has come true thanks to you!
– MBA client admitted to Harvard Business School

Dear Dr. Watts,
I got accepted into the Columbia MBA program!! I want to thank you for your great help and support throughout my entire application process. You made my dream come true. I am truly thankful to you.
– MBA client, formerly rejected when applying on his own to Columbia University, and admitted to Columbia with MBA’s guidance

The degree to which the quality of my essays was improved as a result of MBA Admit’s editing is directly correlated with my success in the admissions process. I applied to four top MBA programs a few years ago and was not accepted by any of the programs. However, during this year’s round (which was much more difficult than the competition of a few years ago), I was accepted to Harvard, Wharton, Columbia, and Yale. I am the same person with similar GMAT scores relative to other students’ GMAT scores. The difference was in the manner that Dr. Watts helped me POSITION myself in the essays.
The strategy session with Dr. Watts was so key that I requested additional sessions throughout my application process…. Although I’m a frugal person, I was so overwhelmed by Dr. Watts’ assistance and guidance that I paid Dr. Watts a bonus, which represented a 50% premium to the price of her services. I believe the prices she charges are understated by at least that much.
– MBA client admitted to Harvard, Wharton, Columbia and Yale

I always contemplated joining one of the top MBA programs but was overwhelmed by the rigorous application process and requirements. Not to mention the fact that I didn’t possess the exceptional academic credentials normally required. My undergraduate GPA was lower than a B average. Dr. Watts carefully guided me and helped me strategize through the entire application process. She kept my spirits up in believing in me and thus I was inspired to be more creative and innovative in writing my essays. Dr. Watts, I feel, dedicated more time to my cause than I deserved and now that I’ll be attending Wharton, I’m truly indebted to her. Thank you Dr. Watts for helping me realize my dream!
– MBA client, admitted to Wharton

Dr. Watts is the reason that I got into Harvard! She did an excellent job helping me select essay topics that highlighted my strengths and mitigated my weaknesses. I applied with only 3 years of work experience, but Dr. Watts’ editing expertise helped me present myself as equal to candidates with many more years of experience. Dr. Watts also coached me through the interview process and made sure that I emphasized my strengths in all of my answers. I highly recommend Dr. Watt’s services!
– MBA client admitted to Harvard Business School and Columbia GSB Early Decision

Dr. Watts played an incredible role in my application process. From the first moment we talked during the strategy session, I knew that I was in good hands. She devised a remarkable strategy that capitalized on my strengths and trivialized my weaknesses. Dr. Watts did a tremendous job helping me revise my essays. She gave me concrete feedback regarding areas that needed improvement. In addition, she worked directly with my recommendation writers to help them create an optimal complementary picture of my personality. I couldn’t believe that I was accepted to Columbia considering my low GMAT score! I think it is perfect proof that Dr. Watts is a true strategist. I would warmly recommend her services to any applicant who wants to get into the top-10 MBA programs.
– MBA client, admitted to Columbia GSB

I’m in at Columbia and Wharton. That’s two down, one to go! Just received an achievement scholarship also. How fantastic is that!
– MBA client

During my first MBA application cycle…I went it alone and failed miserably after logging countless hours putting together what I thought were solid applications. This time around, I chose MBA Dr. Watts worked diligently with me to ensure that all of the essays worked in harmony with one another. Dr Watts’ experience and attention to detail doubled the quality of the essays I ultimately submitted.
After working with Dr. Watts and MBA, I’m confident I worked with the best in the business! After gaining admission and being offered two outstanding MBA scholarships—where I received $25 for every $1 paid to MBA — this has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I would recommend MBA to anyone who is serious about going to a top notch MBA program.
– MBA client admitted to top school with full scholarships

Hi Dr. Watts,
Thank you very much for all your help and support with my applications!! Your expertise really brought out the best in me. And I wanted to let you know that I received my admittance to Columbia! It’s the best Christmas gift I could have asked for! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s!!
– MBA client, admitted to Columbia GSB

When re-applying to MIT after I had been rejected the previous year (I had applied on my own the first time around), my greatest weakness was not knowing how to best position my last year’s work as an improvement to my previous application. Dr. Watts helped me identify my strengths and lifted them up in my application. She also gave me tremendous moral support throughout the whole process. The latter was as valuable as the technical advice she gave. With MBA’s help, I gained admission to MIT!
– MBA client formerly rejected from MIT Sloan, admitted to MIT Sloan with MBA’s guidance

Dear Dr. Watts,
As you might have guessed, my Columbia interview went better than I could have ever hoped to expect! My interviewer actually seemed to be excited by my answers. I wish that I known of you earlier! You have been a tremendous asset. Thanks so much.
– MBA client applying to Columbia GSB

Dr. Watts,
I have GREAT news! I have been accepted to Wharton. Can you believe it? I am floored! However, EVEN BETTER, Harvard has requested an interview!!! This is very encouraging.
– MBA client

MBA Admit will help you write the best essays. They will strategize with you to help you decide on the theme of your essays. They will also help with content, structure, grammar and flow of your essays…. MBA Admit helped me out great. I have gotten into schools at which I did not think I had a chance of gaining admission…. I did a lot of research in searching for the best consultant. Other consultants charge thousands, but MBA Admit gives you a fair price with a great return.
– MBA client, admitted to top school with scholarship

Hi Dr. Watts,
I am in at UCLA as well!! I am so excited. Thanks for all the help. I could not have achieved this without you.
– MBA client, admitted to UCLA

Dr. Watts,
The essays look wonderful – thank you so much for your help!
– MBA client applying to top-5 schools

Dr. Watts!
Thank you for all of your help. I truly did feel like I was able to put my best foot forward on this application to Harvard Business School.
– MBA client