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Reviews from company website


I offer my highest recommendation to Prasanth. I had a very nice experience working with him.
He was an extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable consultant. Prasanth helped me tell my story with integrity, creativity, and purpose. Always a patient listener, he made the effort to get to know me. Often times his insights would be pulled and patched from conversations we had weeks earlier.
I was seeking honest feedback, and that is what I received. I was happy to hear "we need to re-think this. this could be stronger. I don't really like where you're going here." This 'real' communication ultimately made my essays stronger. He consistently pushed me to go deeper instead of taking the easy to write route. . There is no doubt that my applications were stronger after working with Prasanth.
Also Prasanth made sure to reply to my mail within a day. Most of the times I used to get reply within an hour or two which was really wonderful as I could start with my work without having to wait a day or two. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Prasanth.

Dear Aringo team,
I would like to thank you for being by my side through out the application process till the point I secured a position with a B-school of my choice. As an international client and a first time applicant I had a lot to learn about the tricks of the trade and Aringo's customized and relentless coaching is the only reason behind where I am today.
Oxford - Said - 2014

My experience with Aringo was exceptional. After talking with several admissions consultants from other companies who thought I was trying for schools out of my reach, I went with Aringo because they understood my situation. I had a large amount of anxiety in how to craft my essays to let the admissions committee get to know who I was in several short documents. Joy (my consultant) was very detailed in how I should not only approach each topic, but she gave me great advice on where to focus my topics to express my experience/goals. She pointed me in the direction I needed to truly answer the essay questions. Additionally, the mock interview we conducted finalized some things I needed address so that my interviewer left the conversation with a true understanding of who I was and what I wanted to accomplish. I would recommend Aringo to anyone who asked me what admissions consulting firm they should use.

To Aringo staff,
Thank you very much for all your help in the process. Only with your help was it possible for me to apply to the best schools, especially considering my intensive job.
Your ability to take the ג?giantג application process and convert it to something structured and clear is your real advantage, and this is the reason I advised and will continue to advise others to work with Aringo.
Special thanks go to my consultant who worked around the clock in accordance with my crazy schedule in order to complete the process successfully. She was always a source of guidance and help in dealing with challenges that occurred throughout the process.
Thank you very much.
Harvard MBA 2010

To Eliza and the Aringo staff,
I started my first application 3 weeks before the deadline with no clue of how to write any part of it, from the essays to the application form itself. With your guidance, ideas, and ability to understand the stories I wished to tell, I went on to successfully compose 6 applications in a little less than 3 months.
Eliza, your amazing editorial skills enabled me to greatly improve my stories and focus them around the important points. You helped me to submit applications I could not have written alone. The work was way beyond my expectations.
Looking back, the choice of Aringo turned out to be the best decision that helped me get accepted to UCLA, NYU, and IE, and win interviews at IESE and Berkeley. I know the Aringo staffגs contribution made all the difference for me.
I warmly recommend to anyone seeking acceptance to the Top-10 to get Aringoגs help to realize their dreams.
NYU MBA 2012

After almost a year of hard work (both yours and mine) I have succeeded and been accepted to Wharton, and I will note that this was in the second round.
I just wanted to thank you for walking me through this long challenging process (from choosing the desired MBA programs, helping me find my creativeness and express it in the best way possible to making it to the deadlines with excellent polished documents) with a lot of patience, serious professionalism and great attitude.
I am sure that our work together made all the difference in how my writing turned out and I know that your efforts in managing all the editing and application details made the final results possible. I would fully recommend your services to anyone facing this task of getting into the top schools.
Thank You Very Much for all your support and help!
Wharton MBA 2013

To Aringo staff,
Thank you for the help and cooperation. I received from you advice rare in its quality and the results are in accordance with the promises.
The guidance, professionalism and speedy response made all the difference and deserve appreciation.
Thanks again!
Columbia MBA 2006

To Danny and the Aringo staff,
The admission process is definitely one of the most exhausting experiences I have ever undergone. It entails an enormous amount of work - from choosing the right schools, through composing essays that are beautifully written yet modest and above all unique, to paying maximum attention to every word and comma.
If someone would have said to me a year ago that in the end I would get to choose between my two top schools, it is very doubtful I would have believed themג.I was accepted to INSEAD and Tuck.
The professionalism of Aringoגs consultants and their familiarity with the process and the different requirements are more valuable than gold for someone whose goal is acceptance. There was no question to which I did not receive a detailed answer and with every worry (and there was not a shortage of these), all the relevant considerations were detailed for me and I was left fully assured.
Thank you!